Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ode to Valentine's Here and Gone

Holidays are memory conjurers. Memories of those we love are with us always and this blog is dedicated as an Ode to Valentine's here and gone
It is borrowed from a woman named Katherine Caldwell and was sent in a mailing I received. I thought it lovely and something worth sharing for those who's Valentine's are not with them and never will be again.

That Day, Listening

That day when we stood together,
An easy grace between us,
Directly facing The Problem
Never came.

That day when I apologized
And vowed to understand you better
the day I gave up my proud ideas
And turned down the volume of my heroic noise
Just low enough to hear the sound of your heart
Never came.

And how many days have come since,
Rattling with Heavy Chains and Wonder
Of what I might have heard from you heart if I'd listened

Now, the silence of your heart stirs all the listening
in me
Throughout each day, and in dreams at night
And still: the the day to have heard you will not come.
The din of a thousand human hearts may crash on
my ears
And yours will not be one of them.

But every now and then,
If I lean my ear close
To one of those thousand hearts,
In my careful listening,
I could swear I did once hear you
Singing to me, soft and low
In the pale sunrise of that day.

I can add nothing to this beautiful verse save my fervent hope to hear.

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers 

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