Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Copper Beech Tree Grows in Asheville

Those of you following the blog at our Asheville Bed and Breakfast know I am a lover of all things green in the garden and that's the reason-A Copper Beech Tree grows in Asheville.  A blogs or two back, I made mention of the Growin in the Mountains Spring Herb/Plant sale held in Asheville this weekend.

God help me, needing nothing but a few fresh herbs we use in breakfast at the inn...basil, french tarragon, rosemary, lemon thyme, chocolate mint...ok, maybe a bit more than a few... off I went to the sale.  I was in my element and focused on the "herb procurement program" when right out there in the aisle, right next to each other,just like kissin cousins they were, these two trees stood.  The first one, recognizable by its unique leaf, the Ginkgo biloba (AKA-Maidenhair Tree) is one of my favorite trees. The leaf is so completely unique and when I see this tree- I think of Asheville as they are planted in the downtown area.  Long have I wanted one and long have I denied myself this pleasure because...Well, a girl can only plant so many trees...Failing buying more property that is.

I mentioned two trees didn't I?  Well, I was very busy talking myself out of Gingko when I began my further study of the tree right next to this one.  It had purple foliage and was shining enticingly in the sun when the vendor of this booth approached. "You are looking at the Purple Beech?" she asked. I stammered that I had stopped to look at the Gingko and just noticed this one too due to the foliage.

Upon first arriving in Asheville, a woman owning the inn across the street extended the hand of friendship to me.  She came to our inn with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a hearty laugh and an invitation to come over for some iced tea.  A lovely aspect of that inn as in my own, is a sun porch which overlooked her back property and standing gracefully, beautifully and rising like a spire was a tree she called a "copper beech" tree.  A magnificent tree specimen large and gorgeous gracefully shining in the sun as we drank tea, learned of each others lives, shared secrets and became friends.
Alas, I digress. The booth vendor was waxing poetic about "purple beech" and I mentioned my friends tree across the street; the copper beech.  "Oh, it's exactly the same tree.  The colors alter depending upon the time of the year."  That did it.  I knew I was now going to be the proud owner of both trees failing the cost being more than my road can bear right now. It wasn't.

Now you may be wondering where I am going to plant these two trees.  I am too.  Both of these trees are very young trees currently standing at about 2 feet and 2 1/2 feet respectively.  That said, there is something wonderful I am feeling in knowing that some day, a very long time from now, when my life is only a memory to those who loved me-- two fine trees may serve as a beautiful backdrop to two women, unknown to each other finding friendship and camaraderie in their shade, children playing, lovers having a picnic or the like.  That's the magic of nature, gardening and planting.  Faith! Faith that it will grow, faith that the future will enjoy the beauty of your plantings and the knowledge that so many will live their lives amid this beauty just as you were blessed to do. Happy gardening!              

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