Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yucca, A reliable, diverse plant choice

I realize I need to delay a bit but my thoughts are totally drifting toward Spring and the garden here At Cumberland Falls Bed and Breakfast Inn.
  Yucca, the Color Guard variety, was added to our landscape last year.  I was initially resistant to this choice suggested by my local nursery as it always seemed an unfriendly kind of plant to me even potentially dangerous with potentially stabbing leaves.  I was completely wrong in not acknowledging the real value of this sturdy, virtually indestructible, low maintenance and seasonally reliable  colorful gem.  This plant is a champ and while our garden weathered winter it's bright yellow center blade interest offered a breath of pretty color.  It  morphs into a more creamy gold mid summer.

Thoroughly pleased with this plant, it has engaged my imagination to add another of its kin to our garden.  The selection is: Linear Leaf Soapwort.  It has a more lateral habitat and is bluish in color tone. It's blue leaves are narrow and elongated-some going to 36" and the bloom is a hummingbird favorite.  We always seek plants to interest these winged friends as they are both guest favorites as well as our own.
This plant is perennial in zone 6 so we are hopeful that it will function as another colorful friend as winter descends in 2014.

Always planning ahead....I am also scoping out Sapphire Skies-another variety of yucca......Ah spring, it lends itself to dreaming.  I think I may be getting ahead of myself again. I encourage you to give Yucca a closer look.  Bet you'll find one you know just a perfect place for in your own garden!

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