Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cades Cove Offers a Grand Day Trip for Lovers of Nature

 In the noticeable silence of early morning as fog gently lifts from the grass a small fawn stands close to its mother as she nibbles the greenery.
The quiet is palpable and this is Cades Cove.  This valley is located within the confines of Smoky Mountains National Park and  serves as home to deer, turkeys in the wild, avian species galore, bears indigenous to the area as well as countless species of plant life and insects.

Cades Coves stands as a singularly popular place in the park in which an 11 mile winding road loop weaves its way by historical structures, standing as monuments to time, acting as a palate to which all the living, breathing and growning specimens surrounding your car artfully appear.   Many chose to automate this journey observing it through a car window but for my money, the real magic is on foot.
My husband loves photography and we have captured some fine shots on these hallowed grounds.  We've seen young bears struggle as they made their maiden journey up a tree, we've seen deer chasing butterflies, we've seen all kinds of native flowers from trillium to purslane.

It is often difficult for us to experience the park on weekends as those days we are often occupied with our guests.  Further, as our preference is the "on foot" park experience- That can best be accomplished by an early morning drive  from Asheville (3 hours) timing your arrival  just as the sun is rising in the sky.  The road  (Cades Cove Loop) is closed to tourists on Wednesday and it is a prime time for this sojourn. I promise you an experience you will not forget, silence that both invigorates the body while calming the soul and a memory that will live in the heart for a lifetime.  More information can be found at  Remember the forest motto: "Take nothing but pictures-Leave nothing but footprints."  Save it for our children and their children.

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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