Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Everblooming Daylilies Grace The Garden

Summertime in our garden at the inn is one of the most beautiful of all times in our season.  The primary reason is the range of color and versatility of  Dayliles and the fact that several years back we discovered the joys of the re-blooming segment of this plant population.
  I'm going to, by guest request,  to pass on a few of our very favorite selections
yellow daylily

Strawberry Candy:  The blooms are not only a lovely color starting with a kind of green throat, red colored stamens and enormous over four inch flowers displays in profusion.  We often plant this using purple sweet potato plant underneath it creating quite an eye catching display.  The bunnies don't like it and the hummingbirds are singing our praises as they seek this approximately 26" treat for its nectar. If you need any other reason to be pleased....It will not react poorly if you forget to water for a bit.

Betty Ford:  A vibrant and lovely red.  Ours has a bright yellow throat but I have seen it also have a yellow-green throat.  It stands about 30" with blooms nearly 6" in diameter.  It is reliable and is one of the summer's first bloomers.

Happy Returns Dwarf Daylily: Last and diminutive but certainly not least producing a bright, you cannot ignore me,   vibrant yellow flower is a showstopper for sure.  It's grass  is no slouch either. This repeater generally blooms before the other two and after a long, dark winter its beautiful brightness arrives  to offer assurance that beauty will again abound in your garden. About 15" tall and you will fall in love with this one.   

Patti and Gary Wiles, Innkeepers

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